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This function will download the entire GESLA dataset to the specified folder. Note that the full dataset is about 7GB in size, so the total download time may take a few minutes, as it will depend on internet connection. If you don't need the whole dataset, you can use the query_gesla() function, to directly import a subset of it.


  dest = "./gesla_dataset",
  ask = TRUE,
  messages = TRUE,
  overwrite = FALSE



The directory to download the files to. If the directory doesn't exist, it will be created. Defaults to a folder called gesla_dataset in the current working directory.


Ask for confirmation before downloading? Defaults to TRUE.


Show informative messages? Defaults to TRUE.


Overwrite the whole dataset (i.e. download again)? Defaults to FALSE. Note that, if TRUE, it will only overwrite if the function is called in the same directory where dest is.


The whole GESLA dataset, consisting of 5119 files (with .parquet extension). It should have approximately 7GB in size.


This function should only be usefull if you want to deal with all the files from the GESLA dataset. If you need only a subset, you can use the query_gesla() function, or the GESLA Shiny app interface, from the run_gesla_app() function.


Fernando Mayer


if(interactive()) {
    ## Create a temporary directory for downloaded files
    dest <- paste0(tempdir(), "/gesla_dataset")
    ## Download to 'gesla_dataset' folder in the temporary directory
    download_gesla(dest = dest)
    ## To overwrite (download again) on the same location
    download_gesla(dest = dest, overwrite = TRUE)
    ## Don't ask for confirmation before download
    download_gesla(dest = dest, overwrite = TRUE, ask = FALSE)
    ## Don't show informative messages
    download_gesla(dest = dest, overwrite = TRUE, messages = FALSE)
    ## Don't ask for confirmation neither show messages
    download_gesla(dest = dest, overwrite = TRUE,
        ask = FALSE, messages = FALSE)
    ## Remove temporary directory
    unlink(dest, recursive = TRUE)